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I’m Hannah and I am most passionate about photographing relaxed weddings for fun and adventurous couples and encouraging budding photographers to pursue their dreams.

Here you will find my most recent work, personal musings and tips and tricks whether you're a photographer or just browsing. Grab a cuppa and get your scroll on!

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I debated whether or not to write this post, but at the end of the day I realized that if I could help at least one person avoid the mistakes that I made while running my photography business then I would be bringing something good and helpful to creative entrepreneurs who are pursuing what they […]

5 Big Mistakes I Made In My Business And How I Overcame Them

Today I got to thinking… there is something really important about setting goals. In every area of life. It could be in dieting, exercise, in the amount of time spent with family, friends, maybe spouses or in the amount of effort given to practicing an instrument or honing a craft. Regardless of your goals, it […]

Goals and Boundaries

So, here I am. Newly married, living in a foreign country, one of the two Americans I know of in my area, skipping a university degree and jumping straight into running a business. And I feel out of my depth. A lot. None of those things listed are negatives, but with the realization that I’m […]

The Measure of Success