Life is too short to be stuck in a career you hate!

I am so passionate about helping others pursue their dream jobs of being full-time photographers. I love to inspire and encourage while also giving practical advice and hands-on experience.

Amiright or amiright?

A mentoring session is for you if...

- You have a good grasp on how to use your camera but you're not sure how to start making money from it

- You have been doing photography on the side for a few years but now you want to go full-time
- You have had a photography business for 1-3 years but you don't feel like you're growing or getting the type of work you really want

- You need some TLC and a big dose of encouragement to spur you forward in chasing your dreams!

"...I felt she really understood me and my situation and wanted to genuinely help me develop."

"I came across Hannah's website while looking for local photographers that could give me some advice about how to get started in the photography industry. I instantly connected with her style of photography and was overjoyed to find out she offered mentoring sessions.

To prepare the mentoring session Hannah asked me to summarise my current situation and list out all the questions I had for her. This really helped Hannah, and also me, to see the direction I wanted to go into and made the mentoring session very personal and targeted to exactly what I needed.

The session itself was a relaxed chat with Hannah where I felt she really understood me and my situation and wanted to genuinely help me develop. We went through all the questions and she even sent me some additional helpful information to a couple of questions. We ended the mentoring sessions with some headshots where I could see Hannah in action.

Afterwards, I felt inspired, motivated and prepared to take serious steps towards starting my own business. I gained so much more from this experience than I expected."


"I left feeling refreshed, empowered and with a fantastic portfolio of headshots to use on my website!"

"I decided to book a mentoring session with Hannah K. Photography after feeling like my photography business was a bit stagnant and I had lost direction of where I wanted to go with it. What can I say? It was such a great decision!

Not only did I have a lovely afternoon of hot chocolate, lunch and what felt like a catch up with an old friend I had known for years (even though I had only just met her), I left feeling refreshed, empowered and with a fantastic portfolio of headshots to use on my website! Hannah was great at listening, truly understanding about what I was saying and giving me helpful advice to my questions.

I also came away from the session with practical tips about my website and social media presence. Hannah's warm and friendly personality along with her knowledge of the photography business makes her a great person to talk to. I would highly recommend Hannah's mentoring session for anyone on a photography journey regardless of what stage your business is at. Thank you, Hannah, for such a great session!"


"Hannah was amazing and did not let me leave until we have covered everything I wanted to know."

“Wow, where can I start? I firstly booked Hannah to take some anniversary photos of me and my partner which, by the way, were amazing! I then booked a mentoring session with her as I am a keen photographer hoping to go full-time in the next few years, maybe! I’ve seen so many people offering mentoring sessions, but live such a distance away so I was over the moon when I saw Hannah had started doing them! I traveled down to Coventry for the session and we met up in a public café which was also adorable and FYI did the BEST hot chocolates! The cake was just as good!

We sat down and had a good 3-hour informal chat about all my questions around my business and photography. Hannah was amazing and did not let me leave until we have covered everything I wanted to know. We covered so many topics from things I wanted to improve on, contracts, pricing, getting published and even had time to go through my website and get some constructive criticism.

It was a brilliant experience to get inside another photographer’s head and see your business from their perspective. I learned so much from the session and as a bonus we took some super cute headshots around the area, which will be amazing for me to be able to put on my website.

The session in itself was amazing value for money and if anyone is thinking about booking a mentoring session with Hannah, I would fully recommend it!”


2.5 hour informal chat in one of my fav coffee stops

30 minute headshot session so you have up to date photos to vamp up your website and social media pages

High resolution edits of your headshots plus RAWs so you can edit your photos in your own style

Pre-session homework to help you prepare and get the most out of our time together

Coffee and lunch on me!

Most photographers who book this option have either thought about starting a wedding or lifestyle photography business for a while, are doing photography on the side of another job and want to go full time or who have been struggling with getting their business off the ground. Each session is completely personalized so every person gets the absolute most out of it. I am an open book, so ask me anything!

One-to-one coffee chat

3 hours for £250


let's do this thing!

Everything included in the one-to-one coffee chat plus…

Photo shoot with a real couple in a scenic location

Walkthrough my culling, editing, and delivery processes

This option is ideal for photographers who are 1-3 years into a wedding or lifestyle photography business and want to get the best hands-on experience they can. In addition to a personalized informal chat covering any questions you have and a headshot session, you also get to photograph a real couple with me! This is really the icing on the cake. This photo shoot experience allows you to ask me questions in the moment, to see how I direct my couples and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and to get awesome photos to add to your portfolio! Not only that, we get to go through the whole post process together. How to cull quickly and efficiently, how to edit consistently, and how best to deliver your photos to your clients.

The whole shebang

5-6 hours for £500


count me in!