About Me


wife | photographer | cat mom | health nut

Hey, I'm Hannah! I'm a redheaded American girl from the PNW living in Warwickshire, England and I take photos of beautiful and adventurous people! I love living for Jesus and being married to my best friend and teammate fo' life, Joel. We've recently purchased our first home in Coventry and are owners of a very energetic Bengal kitty called Stride!

I love being outdoors and I'm a big fan of summer (a shorts-hoodie-Birkenstocks combo is what dreams are made of). Joel and I are often planning our next hike or binging a Netflix comedy. I wish I was better at rock climbing and snowboarding but I'm pretty confident in my ability to make a mean cup of coffee. I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes working out and eating healthy food, but LBH, I'm not gonna turn down a doughnut. My bucket list includes The 3 Peaks Challenge, traveling to every continent and taking cooking classes in Italy, my favorite place in the world!!

I really do love my job. I get to make friends all over the world and document the greatest experiences of their lives. I mean, how cool is that?? I believe pictures are paramount because they allow us to hold onto moments that are otherwise gone in a fleeting minute. Something so quick to pass can be treasured for so many years after. To photograph these moments for awesome people who are unashamedly in love and full of joy, just leaves me feeling really privileged.

" We take photos as
a return ticket
to a moment
otherwise gone "
- Katie Thurmes