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I’m Hannah and I am most passionate about photographing relaxed weddings for fun and adventurous couples and encouraging budding photographers to pursue their dreams.

Here you will find my most recent work, personal musings and tips and tricks whether you're a photographer or just browsing. Grab a cuppa and get your scroll on!

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A while back I was really excited to start a blog series called Table for Two. The goal being to encourage couples, married or dating, to make time quality time for each other in our ever-changing and ever-demanding lives. Truth be told, I haven’t written a Table for Two post in a long time because […]

Table for Two | Christmas Edition!

One thing I love about dating my husband is that there are NO rules!! Nobody is telling us that we have to stay indoors, nobody is forcing us to date each other ONLY on Friday nights, and nobody is pressuring us to fall into any sort of routine or fit into any sort of category. […]

Table for Two | Adventure Day!