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I’m Hannah and I am most passionate about photographing relaxed weddings for fun and adventurous couples and encouraging budding photographers to pursue their dreams.

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I’m feeling for all photographers during this time, especially those who were hoping to get their wedding photography businesses kickstarted this summer. I’m here to help you stay motivated and proactive so here are 10 ways you can still grow and improve your photography business while you’re stuck at home! Just because you might be […]

10 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business at Home

Being self-employed seems like a dream, right? The funniest thing people say to me on a wedding day is, “Wow! You must love your job. You just get to take pretty photos all day!” Or when people find out I am a photographer they ask, “Is that your full-time job?” Or they don’t even go […]

3 Ways To Win At Self-Employent

Sometimes I wonder really random things like who first thought to cook corn kernels overheat and then discovered popcorn?? Or who thought to carve a face into a pumpkin and how did it become such a worldwide tradition? Random butttt applicable to the season. Do I get points for that? ;) If your curiosity is […]

3 Tips For Photographing Bridal Prep In Low Light

When Beth asked me to photograph her engagement session with Dave, ideas were already running through my head! I knew that I wanted to do 3 things. 1) Schedule the photo shoot at golden hour 2) Go to Kenilworth Castle where Dave proposed 3) Incorporate a music theme The one thing I did not anticipate […]

Adapting to Individual Personalities