Photography Mentoring in Coventry | Anett

“I came across Hannah’s website while looking for Coventry photographers that could give me some advice about how to get started in the photography industry. I instantly connected with her style of photography and was overjoyed to find out she offered mentoring sessions.

To prepare the mentoring session Hannah asked me to summarise my current situation and list out all the questions I had for her. This really helped Hannah, and also me, to see the direction I wanted to go into and made the mentoring session very personal and targeted to exactly what I needed.

The session itself was a relaxed chat with Hannah where I felt she really understood me and my situation and wanted to genuinely help me develop. We went through all the questions and she even sent me some additional helpful information to a couple of questions. We ended the mentoring sessions with some head shots where I could see Hannah in action.

Afterward, I felt inspired, motivated and prepared to make serious steps towards starting my own business. I believe the mentoring session is an exceptionally good value for money because I gained so much more from this experience than I expected.”

– Anett

I was SO excited when Anett emailed me.

She was working a 9-5 but absolutely loves photography and wanted to talk about how to build her portfolio, how to develop her brand, how to make people feel at ease during a shoot, how to find clients and whether it was ACTUALLY possible to choose photography as a career in the first place!

I gave her a big friggin 100% YES. IT. IS.

I met Anett for her photography mentoring session in Coventry. We had coffee and lunch and of course, I gave her brand new beautiful headshots to refresh her social media profiles and her upcoming website!

Every mentoring session is unique to each individual and it was no different for Anett.

One of the main things we talked about was how to start feeling confident behind the camera and how to make your couples feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Sometimes the key to feeling confident behind your camera is as simple as getting out there and just taking pictures!

Maybe start with your partner, your children your friends or heck, even the neighbor’s dog.

Start taking photos somewhere. Start sharing those photos online even if you don’t like them that much yet. Show people what you’re doing and the right ones will get on board. The more you practice working with people and using your camera the more you will build confidence.

So when it comes to those big group photos at weddings or those quiet moments with the bride and groom when you think, “Crap! It’s all up to me now!!” then you’ll have that practice and experience to rely on and get the job done. Every time you get out and use your camera you learn and grow a little bit more!

I loved meeting Anett and hearing her passion for photography and being able to encourage her to keep practicing and keep building that confidence.

I wish we had more time because Anett asked so many awesome questions! I can’t wait to see what this girl gets up to next.

Follow her on Instagram @anett.pengelly


If you’re interested in a photography mentoring session or even if you’re not sure it is the right investment for you now, I would love to chat with you! Send me a message here and let me know what you’re finding difficult right now with your photography and where you want to go. Can’t wait to hear from you!!