Standish Woods, Gloucestershire Engagement | Naomi & Dan


Oh ma goshhhhhh!!!!! Literally love all those pictures, how stunning! You did such a beautiful job of capturing us, I will be sharing those ASAP!
Cannot wait to see you again in October!
Nay x
We had SO much fun on this shoot! I can’t even say that it was work! A golden sunset, exploring the woods and roasting marshmallows on a woodland fire, it was perfect! I am always game for a down to earth, real feel with natural moments and fresh air in the lungs.

Joel happens to be playing in the band Function Fever for their wedding day, so they invited him along to their engagement shoot. Naomi came prepared with the most organized picnic I have ever seen! We sat on the hill top, got to know each other and ate all the yummy food she brought. I hope our J20’s and San Pellegrino’s were some contributions!

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“We went camping down in the New Forest which was just beautiful. On the way down, we went to a hotel and spa for afternoon tea and he booked me in for an hour long massage, was a dream! Then we drove down to our campsite and just across from our pitch there were loads of wild horses just roaming free!
Then on Saturday, we got up and he took me horse riding over the hilly bits of the new Forest. It was so beautiful. We had a wander around a couple of little villages which were sweet and in the evening we made a steak dinner with some Elderflower wine. It was so delicious!!!”

“Sunday morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise and he took me out for the best breakfast ever! The weather was stunning, so so sunny. He then gave me this lovely little leather bound book with Polaroid pictures from the start of our relationship until now and we took a little bit of time during different parts of the day looking at the book and reminiscing. We then drove to this lovely walk with a picnic and a flask of tea and we stopped at various points to look at the book and have some tea. As we were getting near to the end of the walk, we finished the book and he got down on one knee!!!! I obviously said yes and cried for a solid 5 minutes :’)
In the evening, he took me to this amazing restaurant near to our campsite which was Michelin recommended and we just went all out. We had champagne, 3 courses, wine to complement and coffee at the end. It was just incredible!”

“On Monday we were just so enjoying being engaged and we took out some mountain bikes and biked around the forest up to a little village and back. We also got some tasty ice cream because it was such gorgeous weather! And then we headed back which was the saddest thing because we had just had the most amazing weekend!

I just can’t believe we are actually engaged. I’m so over the moon and excited!” – Naomi

Dan’s one request was to build a fire. Of course, we were all for it! I wish I had taken photos on our walk (or some may say hike *ahem*) to find the one spot in the entire wood where a fire was allowed but the photos would have been black squares of nothingness. I was thanking the Lord that England has no animal more dangerous than a badger at this point HA! After about 45 minutes of trying to find this desolate campsite, we gave up and picked the best clearing we could find. In the pitch dark, we grabbed what sticks and logs we could find and Dan set to making the fire. He had clearly done this before because on the second try we had flames! Nay got out the hot chocolate and marshmallows for roasting and I took a few photos to remember the moment by…

Hannah K. Photography Outdoors Engagement Campfire Marshmallows Hot Chocolate Sunset Hilltop in Gloucestershire

I cannot wait to return to one of the Cotswold’s most loved barn wedding venues, Brockworth Court Barn, for Naomi and Dan’s wedding this October. Let the countdown begin…