Mini Family Session, Memorial Park, Coventry | Ridgewell Family

Offering 30-minute Mini Family Sessions has probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business!

Since offering them at the start of 2019, I’ve seen how perfect of a fit they are for families with young children!

Meeting the Ridgewell family in Memorial Park in Coventry for their family photo shoot was a whirlwind of FUN. Their two girls had so much energy (seriously, give me some of it!!) and they’re little boy was adored by everyone and I melted when he took a few wobbly steps on his own and I got to take a picture of it.

The best part about this photo shoot was that the Ridgewells GOT IT.

From the word GO they jumped into the photo shoot like it was an ordinary day. They didn’t pose for the camera, they let their kids run around and be themselves, bundled energy and all, and they interacted as a REAL family. That is the beauty I love to capture. You, as a family, loving each other as you do. Natural, relaxed and tons of fun.

Have a look at a few of my favorite photos below… yes we managed to capture all of this and more in a mere 30 minutes!!

Inquire about a mini family session by sending me a message here! You can either book a full hour, or if you have young children then a mini session, (30 minutes of shooting time) could be perfect for you. :)