Heather & Ruairidh | Crathie Kirk & Mar Lodge Wedding | Braemar, Scotland

Our wedding day was without doubt the best day of our lives, and we are so thankful that we have the most beautiful photographs to remember the day by. Always subtle and snapping away in the background, it was easy to forget photo that Hannah was taking photos. But she captured even the smallest details, had some great ideas for stunning bride and groom photos, and organised the family and friends photos so smoothly. We were so excited to receive the photos, and seeing them brought back so many memories – the day flew by so quickly, but Hannah captured even the little things so nothing was forgotten. An amazing photographer, it was a joy to have Hannah capture our day, and I would absolutely recommend!


When I am invited to a wedding as a guest and wedding photographer, it hardly feels like work! When the wedding’s destination is in the Scottish Highlands, even less so.

Heather moved to Coventry for work about two years ago and quickly became part of our friendship group. We then got to know Ruairidh when he traveled from Glasgow to the Midlands to visit her. Throughout the years, we grew close as a group of 8 and didn’t hesitate to hop on a plane for their wedding at Mar Lodge Estate in Aberdeenshire this summer!

Heather and Ruairidh grew up in the small village of Braemar, Scotland with a population of roughly 800 people(!!!) They were barely teenagers when their friendship sparked and now 7 1/2 years later they are husband and wife. These two were history in the making!

On July 8th, apparently the only sunny day Scotland had seen in weeks, Heather and Ruairidh finally became Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie. There was no better place to say their vows than at their home church, Crathie Kirk, where Ruaridh’s father is the minister. Yes, this is the same church the Queen and Royal Family attend when on holiday at Balmoral Castle!! You can imagine the humility I felt stepping into the church knowing the history and respect it has even from the Royal Family. I am still pinching myself that I was given the honor of photographing a Crathie Kirk wedding!

After a service I can only describe as majestic and historic yet full of warmth, guests proceeded to Mar Lodge Estate while I jumped in a VW camper van with Heather and Ruairidh for their bride and groom photos. While guests enjoyed homemade ice-cream and pimped G&T’s at the estate, we experienced the most unbelievable views. Towering mountains, rushing rivers and the smell of pine warmed by the sun wherever we went. I felt at home.

Though I could have photographed the bride and groom for hours (literally), we soon returned to the lodge for speeches, dinner, and dancing. For the history buffs, Mar Lodge is a 17th century Scottish Highland estate in Aberdeenshire. The estate is located in the Cairngorms National Park and expands across 72,000+ acres of wild land. There are no other buildings in view. You really feel as if you have been transported to some sort of Narnia. It is beyond magical!

Oh, also Mar Lodge is well-known for its Stag Ballroom which contains over 2,435 stag skulls! Keep scrolling to see what I mean…

As you can see, the night was topped off with a Ceilidh. Couples poured onto the floor until there was physically no more room. We danced until we couldn’t dance anymore and we left with sore feet, bruised arms and cheeks tender from laughing. I will never forget this day. It was the perfect mix of magnificence, tradition and the joy of God’s love.

Heather and Ruairidh, thank you for letting me be part of your day as your photographer and also as your friend. We miss you in Coventry, but we now have every excuse to return to the Highlands! ;)


Church: Crathie Kirk

Venue: Mar Lodge Estate

Wedding Dress: The White Boutique, Leamington Spa

Band: The Brogues

Cake: Ebella

Catering: Glenshee Catering Company


Did you know?

I offer all-inclusive flat rate prices for weddings outside the Midlands. I would return to Mar Lodge in a heartbeat so please get in touch here if you’re planning your wedding there (or anywhere else of course…)