Best Of 2017 – Wedding Highlights!

2017- what a year! I had the joy of traveling to Malaga Spain for Sarah and Tom’s wedding, to the highlands of Scotland for Heather and Ruairidh’s wedding, all the way across to Llanfairfechan, Wales for the Wright’s family photos and all over England (Cambridge, Gloucester, Bath, Eastbourne, Dorset, London, Warwick, just to name a few!) for more beautiful weddings and engagements. No job is without its challenges, but I can honestly say that blessings poured in abundance this year and the people I met and the memories I was privileged to document really, truly made it all worthwhile.

Below are a few (only a few- it’s impossible to share them all!) of my favorite photos from 2017 and just to switch it up a bit here is also a list of things not pictured ;)

  • That time I gave my car keys to an usher when he offered to park my car because the city center where the church was located was blocked with traffic and also on a one-way street system and I was going to be late to the ceremony otherwise! What a hero.
  • When I got so many blisters on my feet nearly every inch ended up wrapped in a plaster.
  • When my knees were so swollen from standing all day at a wedding Joel had to help push me up the stairs to bed (which has happened on more than one occasion- ha!)
  • That time at the church my car got blocked in by a van- luckily we got it moved in due time to leave for bride and groom photos!
  • That time I was sick in the car on the way home from a wedding. I’m SO sorry Kate!!
  • That time I ordered so many shots of espresso in my coffee on the way home from a wedding that the barista insisted she put more milk in otherwise it would be “too strong”. I assured her, “No, no. I need it strong.”
  • The times I’ve eaten my dinner in my car, storage closets, outside on wooden crate… wherever I could plop myself!
  • That time I was served food at the same time as the wedding guests. Hallelujah!
  • That time the GPS took me down a one-way country road through a field and I had to reverse a whole mile because I came head to head with a tractor. I was still on time for the wedding though. TAKE THAT TRACTOR!
  • The countless times I’ve shoved crisps, fruit and anything else I could find in my mouth between bridal prep and the ceremony because it had been 4 hours since I last ate and it would be 4 more hours until I’d eat again. #lifeofaweddingphotog
  • All those times I was hugged by my couples at the end of the day and left with my heart bursting with joy from knowing how grateful they were.
  • All those incredibly generous reviews!
  • All those times I was sent flowers, cards, body shop goodie bags, gift vouchers and other tokens of appreciation by my couples!!
  • All those times I was welcomed into motherly homes and offered tea and even breakfast!
  • All those bridesmaids who made sure I was well taken care of.
  • All those ushers who yelled over the crowds for me during group photos.
  • That time one of my couples cooked me dinner on their engagement shoot!
  • That time one of my couples prepared a picnic for both Joel and me before their engagement shoot! (Can you tell food is my love language? ;))
  • That time my mom was my second shooter!
  • That time I got to put my camera down and ceilidh with the bride and groom!

I could go on, but those were some highlights for sure! Now for the pretty photos…

Best of Weddings 2017 Hannah K. Photography Warwickshire, England