Alexandra Palace, London Engagement Shoot

What we were hoping to have been a sunny spring day at Alexandra Palace in London turned out the WINDIEST day with around 50 mph winds and the kind of cold that makes your eyes water and your nose constantly sniffle! I literally had to stand my ground at one point and hold onto a lamp post to keep from blowing over- haha!! I told Kiran not to worry… the photos would hardly make it look windy at all. ;)

There’s always a silver lining though and because of the poor weather, we had much fewer tourists around us for a location that is usually PACKED! The grounds surrounding this well-known London venue are said to be perfect for a picnic and a clear view of the capital city. I will certainly have to go back on a warmer day!

Kiran and Ross were amazing and relaxed quickly into being themselves in front of the camera. They braved the wind and took no notice to the people around them and just embraced each other and had fun with it. I can’t thank them enough for being all around awesome!!

After we wandered around Alexandra Palace we dipped inside to find a food truck selling wine! So… obviously, we sat down for a glass… or two. ;) I so enjoyed every moment of hanging out with Kiran and Ross and I cannot wait for their wedding day when their Scottish and Indian backgrounds will fuse together for one big epic wedding celebration!

For now, here are a few of my favorite moments from their London engagement shoot…